Welcome to Day Trader Den.

This site was created to help traders trade from home and make money doing it.

Although I trade mostly forex (foreign exchange), the concepts and strategies can be applied to any type of trading instruments, whether they be stocks, crypto, oil, or any of the others.

Trading from home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  Here is a picture of my trading setup:

Trading Desk Setup

A second screen is helpful, but not necessary.  I happen to game on the side, so use a gaming laptop for both trading and gaming.

There will be resources here to help you decide what type of trader you are and how much time you will need to dedicate for trading.  Spoiler: You can trade for 15 minutes a day or ten hours a day and be successful with either–it all depends on matching the personality of the trader with the trading system.

I have been trading for several years, written some books on trading, and went through all the ups and downs of trading.  So, hopefully, you will find some useful stuff here that you can use to improve or start trading.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the site.


For any questions, email to support@daytraderden.com